Course Details / Course Structure


Online Learning Model

This E Learning course consists of 130+ hours that covers 36 IND AS standards. The Standards on Financial Instruments is not a part of this course.

The course contains rich visual elements and interactivities combined with audio that facilitates rich learning experience to all types of learners.

The course has been developed on the following pattern:
  1. Simplification of the various original clauses of standards as given by Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  2. Re-arranging and grouping them in a logical flow
  3. Value addition through examples and case studies
  4. Additional headings and sub-headings to suit the relevant content
Learners will be moved along the learning path with increasing intensity of learning:

Know Understand Apply

This will enable the learner to:
  • Know about different standards
  • Understand the different standards in depth
  • Apply the standards in certain cases